Release History

Releases will eventually follow the major.minor.micro scheme recommended by PEP440, where

  • major increments denote a change that may break API compatibility with previous major releases

  • minor increments add features but do not break API compatibility

  • micro increments represent bugfix releases or improvements in documentation

All early releases however will simply recieve a micro version bump regardless of how major the changes may be.

0.0.2 - Replicator Quick Fixes

A minor release to fix a number of minor bugs related to replicating protocols.


  • PR #90: Fixes merging gradient protocols with the same id.

  • PR #92: Fixes replicating protocols for more than 10 template values.

  • PR #93: Fixes ConditionalGroup objects losing their conditions input.

0.0.1 - Initial Release

The initial pre-alpha release of the framework.